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Company Brief

Dollar Industries Ltd. is dealing in a comfortable collection of undergarments that include but not limit to Color Vests, Kids Underwear, Men's Trunk, Track Pants, Camisole, Women's Panty, Printed Cotton Panty and Men's Brief. Integrity, innovation and quality are the foundation pillars of our company upon which the company is established. As a manufacturer, we have hired diligent fashion designers and tailors to create fashionable garments that are high on quality and less on price, yet highly comfortable to put on all day long.

The manufacturing unit of our company is fully integrated with advance machinery for smooth production process which has enabled us achieve annual turnover of INR 887.54 Crores and INR 984.53 Crores in the financial year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 respectively. This is evidence of our annual growth rate that is increased by 15%. Our export revenue of our company is approximately INR 67.19 Crores in the financial year 2017-2018. By following the footsteps of our mentors, we have adopted various marketing strategies based upon which we have invested Wind Power of 5 MW for achieving better productivity. Apart from this, we have also invested in an effluent treatment plant with zero liquid discharge.

Research and Development

Man-Power: Dollar’s Biggest Resource
At our company, we are enthusiastically involved in creating new and fashionable inner wear for the entire family. It has been possible because of our skilled and experienced designers and tailors. We are backed by a strong team of seven hundred and sixty five employees who relentlessly work to make our company touch heights of success. For us, training is an important part of development and therefore, we conduct various training sessions for our employees at regular time intervals to keep our employees at par with the modern technologies.

Change is Trend
We believe in the philosophy that “Change is the new constant”. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt the changes that emerge in the market. This being the reason; we have evolved from cotton to Supima cotton and Micro Modal to Egyptian cotton for our products.

Trend is Evident
From inner wear to outwear; active wear to winter wear, we provide people with a diverse range of clothing that is fashion faithful and suits every reason and season. It has happened due to the researches conducted by our research and development team.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a responsible corporate entity, we work for the benefits of society and its people. Below details highlights some of the work we have done to benefit society:

Served Drinking Water in Several Parts of the World- On 3rd May, 2017, we started CSR activities by serving fresh cold drinking water to the people of Kolkata, who were bearing scorching heat of summer days. To provide drinking water, the chairman of our group, Shree Din Dayal Gupta, inaugurated 26 water huts in areas of Dumdum Police Station and Dumdum Private Road Bus Stand. After this, on 25th January, 2018, our group has set up around 15 water huts in different parts of Bhubaneswar as well. Further, we are proud to be a company which has provided Blue star water cooler machine to Sidharth United Social Welfare Mission Orphanage, which is in Chinar Park- Tehghoria and Kamardanga Police Station.

On World Environment Day- In Sagar Island, our company in association with SEED organized an awareness program for socially excluded children of Lodha Community. This community is called as the vulnerable primitive tribal community of our country, Government of India has declared it. The children of this community are now allowed by other communities to be a student of mainstream primary school due to their social status. For them, we have worked and provided school aids such as, writing materials & bags. The main purpose of the company for working in this area was to spread some happiness and encourage children of Lodha community for studies.

On Children's Day- Dollar has celebrated Children's Day with underprivileged children, who live on the footpath of Gariahat, Kolkata. We celebrated children's day in association 'Prachesta NGO by arranging cake, food and caps for kids to spread happiness in the budding stars of tomorrow. The main aim of our company behind this work was to bring some light to those little folks and make them feel good.

Kolkata Half Marathon- In association with Amity, we have organized The Kolkata Half Marathon and named it The Royal Bengal Run. On 5th February, 2012, this, one of the flagship events was organized in the city of joy. The main purpose of organizing this event was to support underprivileged little angels of Amitasha and contribute in transforming their lives through free books, uniforms, education, meals and holistic care.

Our Mission

Our company is having several missions for attaining which we are working very sincerely and putting extreme efforts. Some of these include:

  • To be an Indian multinational company that provides comfortable and trend-setting solutions for the needs.
  • To emerge as most loved hosiery brand of India.
  • To develop fashionable and affordable hosiery outerwear & inner wear.
  • To make more investments in manufacturing facilities to have better productivity.
  • To educate customers about higher apparel lifestyle standards.
  • To be easily available to customers through convenience modes (modern trade and e-commerce).
  • To improve life of people with Dollar range.
  • To stand out in the industry due to our profitability.
  • To do all the works governing high standards of quality.

Our Vision

To make “Dollar a synonym of comfort & style" is the vision which our directors have for our company. This includes establishing ourselves as the most inspiring garment brand that due to superior quality standards and become a part of the life of numerous Indian. Further, we have bifurcated vision in two parts, such as:

  • Long-term vision: To emerge as a complete brand and a reliable company that offers fashion wear, from garments to innerwear of several categories.
  • Medium term vision: To be an aspirational inner-wear organization that offers premium quality products.

Core Values

  • Innovation- Innovation is the way of success, this is what we at Dollar believe in.
  • Customers Satisfaction- The name and fame we have achieved across the world is due to our focus towards attaining customers' satisfaction.
  • Range of Products- Serving a wide range of products that are comfortable and fashionable is one another thing which we focus on and is a part of our values.
  • Business Integrity- At Dollar, way of life is to have integrity and absolute transparency in all the business deals. We also pay attention on ensuring highest standards of business ethics.
  • Timeliness- We value time and try & exploit valuable time, which drives to the better decision faster.

Quality Policy- Reason for Our Success

At Dollar, a strict Quality Policy is followed by every professional as we aim at delivering perfection to our every customer. By strictly abiding to all the guidelines and standards of this policy, we ensure:

  • To enhance satisfaction of customers and provide them quality assured readymade garments of their requirements.
  • To have regular improvements in our work and also strict monitoring & reviewing of quality management systems.
  • To ensure supervision of products quality at every stage of manufacturing process, right from yarn selection to packaging & delivering orders.
  • To serve customers products that are in adherence to ISO 9001:2015 certification standards.

Customer Partnership:

At Dollar, we consider customer satisfaction as the mantra of our success. Hence, we give our customers priority over the other things and treat every day as a new day. This approach has enabled us to appease our customers with a wide range of Mens Vests, Women Spaghetti, Kids Underwear etc that deliver comfort and are as per the latest trends.

Respect for People:

We consider our people as our greatest strength. Hence, we are giving due importance to the employee initiatives, enthusiasm & teamwork. We consider ourselves responsible for our personnel, clients and communities wherein we live & work. We have developed our hosiery business with respect to our clients and are following a tradition of service. The excellence in performance of our employees and hard work is appreciated and rewarded by us. Activities of training, participation & equal-opportunity are also promoted by us.

In addition to these, we consider Business Integrity as our another core value. We boast of our integrity based business approach and complete transparency in dealing along with ascertaining full adherence to the highest business ethics.

Our Achievements

The range of Mens Vests, Women Spaghetti, Kids Underwear etc, manufactured by Dollar Industries Ltd. has crossed the boundaries of domestic market. With our fashion redefining products, we endeavor to further penetrate in the international market and compete with the other brands. The specialty of our brand is that it has continuously kept pace with the changing trends, times, taste and preferences of the market. With an aim to become the avant-grade manufacturer in the innerwear market, we are progressing at a fast pace. Now a renowned and established company; Dollar Industries Ltd. began its journey under the visionary guidance of Shri Dindayal Gupta, Chairman of Dollar Industries Ltd.

Under his supervision, our company insisted on innovation and forged a series of business strategies which were responsible for transforming us from a tortoise pace company to a leopard pace one. Presently, our presence is spread across 26 states which has positioned us in the India's top 5 Hosiery Undergarment manufacturers. Also, we have received three national awards for the best brand and excellence in the section of Men's Innerwear. These awards were presented to us by CMAI in the years 2006, 2007 and 2009. With substantial advancements in the industry, we aim to reach the figure of 400 Crore INR turnover by the end of 2010-11.


What We Did


  • On 21st April, 2017, we associated with National Stock Exchange and joined the MRT and e-commerce platform
  • Dollar came into a Joint Business Venture with Pepe Jeans Europe to combine the sources to provide market premium range of fashion Innerwear, Sleepwear, Gym wear, Loungewear, & Track Suits, in India.


  • We came out as the most selling innerwear brand in the markets of the Middle East and UAE.
  • Strengthen the brand to more than 80,000 MBOs in the Indian market.
  • In this year, we have taken over 15% share of the branded hosiery products market.


  • Dollar widens its range across 26 states of the nation, India.


  • For the 3rd time, Dollar Industries Ltd. received National Award for BEST BRAND and EXCELLENCE in men’s innerwear from CMAI
  • Announced Akshay Kumar as the Dollar Big boss’s brand ambassador


  • In 2008, Bhawani Textiles Ltd. registered as a limited company and later turned around as Dollar industries Ltd.
  • Dollar Industries Ltd. is awarded with BEST BRAND and EXCELLENCE in men’s innerwear for the 2nd time by CMAI.


  • Bhawani Textiles repositioned into Bhawani Textiles Ltd. in 2005.
  • Salman Khan was announced as the Dollar Club's brand ambassador
  • CMAI (Clothing Manufacturing Association of India) bestow the National Awards to the company for BEST BRAND and EXCELLENCE in men’s innerwear


  • Dollar Foundation, founded by Bhawani Textiles to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility activities.


  • Shri Dindayal Gupta established his firm Bhawani Textiles in the year of 1972-73

Our Memberships

Over the years, Dollar Industries Ltd. has acquired a number of prestigious memberships that proves its commitment towards quality and customer satisfaction. The company possess the following memberships:
  • Federation of Indian Exports Organization
  • Chamber of Textile Trade & Industries
  • Merchant Chamber of Commerce
  • West Bengal Hosiery Association
  • Apparel Export Promotion Council
  • The Bengal Hosiery Manufacturers Association
  • Central Depository Services India Ltd.
  • National Securities Depository Ltd.
  • Jaipur Stock Exchange Ltd.
  • The Calcutta Stock Exchange Ltd.
Our Brands

Undergarments are the most essential part of clothing that can make your day great, with the right selection, or they can make you completely uncomfortable, on the wrong selection. Hence, selection of the correct and comfy undergarments is a must. Comprehending this fact, we, Dollar Industries Ltd. brings forth a wide range of undergarments that is available in all standard sizes, styles and colors for men as well as for women. All our products are easy to wash and can be taken care of easily.

One of our popular and demanded products, Men's Trunk is made of 100% soft combed cotton. It provides body hugging comfort and has a fully functional fly front. For the purpose of support and contour, it has double pouch. Men's Trunk also has a waist band that is covered with cotton lining for avoiding stretch mark on the skin.

Our complete range of Hosiery Undergarments is available in the market in the following brands:

  • Bigboss
  • Midas
  • Braveri
  • Comfort
  • Interlock
  • Lehar
  • RIB
  • Missy
  • Lady Di
  • Senser
  • Kids Care - Champion Kids
  • Sleek
  • Derby
  • Activa
  • Dollar Club
  • Commando
  • Hutch

Endeavor Towards Quality Assurance

Dollar Industries Ltd. is a company that has been relentlessly endeavoring towards achieving complete quality assurance through its Bigboss Premium Vest Junior, Hutch Premium Vest Junior, Dollar Champion Kids, Missy Printed Cotton Panty and other products. We use the best quality cotton yarn, elastic and other material that are acquired from quality assured companies only. Further, we are importing complete lot of fibres that are used in the manufacturing of our products. Also, every item of undergarment produced by us is inspected at every level of production, ensuring their high quality as per industry recommended standards. The finalized products are again tested thoroughly to ensure that these possess all the required features and meet the requirements of our customers perfectly.

Our Production Expertise

Our production expertise is in the state-of-the-art machines that are installed in our four manufacturing units. These machines are operated and managed by a team of experts, possessing rich experience and knowledge of the industry. They make sure that the imported stitching and cutting machines integrated in our units are kept in their efficient form so that the production rate and capacity are not affected in any manner. We are strictly following all the safety regulations during the production processes, for both the products as well as our personnel. With the assistance of top-grade machines, we are able to complete the undertaken order, within the set time frame.

Our Management and Team

Dollar Industries Ltd. has progressed by leaps and bounds since its commencement in the year 1993. This progress and huge amount of success is attributed to the four brothers, who are managing the company and its team of experts. The managing director of the company believes that quality of products and services set the company apart from the competitors. All Dollar products are made with the country's finest yarns and manufactured using imported machines. Our strength lies in the state-of-the-art technology that goes into making quality hosiery products including vests, briefs, thermal wear, casual wear, socks and sports wear that are high on comfort and low on pricing. All four Gupta brothers are following versatile ethical traditions in the business through which they have been able to stay abreast with the changing consumer requirements.

Our Board of Directors




Mr. Din Dayal Gupta

Non Executive Director-Promoter - Chairman

  • He is the Founder Promoter of the Company and is about 80 years old.
  • Expertise in the hosiery business for more than five decades.
  • His vision and efforts plays a big role in the continuous growth and popularity in both national and international markets
  • Looks after the Policy & Management planning of the Company

Mr. Vinod Kumar Gupta

Executive – Managing Director - Promoter

  • Almost 3 decades of experience in the field of Finance, Marketing and Administration.
  • He is professionally qualified and member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).
  • Presently, looking after overall management of the Company.

Mr. Binay Kumar Gupta

Executive - Managing Director - Promoter

  • He is a Commerce Graduate. Takes care of sourcing of raw materials, marketing, production aspects and exports of the products.

Mr. Krishan Kumar Gupta

Executive – Whole Time Director - Promoter

  • He is a Science graduate.
  • Expertise in the manufacturing activities for more than 2 decades.
  • Quality management, production and development of fresh products are maintained by him.

Mr. Bajrang Kumar Gupta

Executive - Whole Time Director - Promoter

  • He is highly qualified and persuaded his studies (B.Tech) from IIT (BHU).
  • Has experience of worth 2 decades in his respective field. He manages the technical aspect of purchase management, production and quality control.

Mr. Binay Kumar Agarwal

Non Executive Director - Independent

  • He is a Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • Gained his expertise in specific Functional Areas of Audit and Taxation, Accounts and Finance.
  • Presently he is in Whole Time Practice.

Mr. Pawan Kumar Agarwal

Non Executive Director - Independent

  • He is a Commerce Graduate and a prominent businessman.

Mr. Rakesh Biyani

Non Executive Director- Independent

  • He is a highly qualified and skilled aspect of the company. He graduated from HR College of Commerce & Economics in Mumbai and completed the Advanced Management Program from Harvard Business School.
  • Experience in the areas of Retail Stores Operations, Category Management, Information Technology and Supply Chain & Logistics Management.

Mr. Sunil Mitra

Non Executive Director - Independent

  • He is a retired I.A.S officer who completed his studies (B.Sc Hons) from Delhi University.
  • Experience of 36 years in various administrative fields on different levels in the Governments of West Bengal and India.
  • Team consultant to engage with the Government of United Kingdom and the World Bank. Experience in the Governance and Public Finance Management.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Bubna

Non Executive Director- Independent

  • Presently, he is a Practicing Chartered Accountant and Tax Consultant in the company.
  • He is a skilled professional and a Member of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) & Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI).

Mrs. Divyaa Newatia

Non Executive Director - Independent

  • She did her graduation in Commerce (Honors) from Shri Shikshayatan College.
  • She is a FCA (Practicing Chartered Accountant) with work experience of 15 years.
  • She joined the firm in the year 2004 with expertise in handling internal, statutory along other audits of Clients and Banks from Private Sector.
  • Appropriate candidate to handle all the functional areas regarding Company Law matters, Finance and Accounts.

Mr. Gopalakrishnan Sarankapani

Administrative Whole Time Director

  • He is a Science Graduate with expertise in the field of administration and marketing. Presently in the company, he looks after the administration in the company.

Our Specialty - Persistent Innovation

Continuous innovations is the core reason behind our success in the segment of Hosiery Undergarments. Dollar Industries Ltd. believes in remaining abreast with the latest consumer trends and market requirements. This enables us to maintain the vibrant and relevant standards / features in all our products. A specialized designer touch can be easily seen in our range of Men Wear and Children Wear. Also, we have not forgotten to keep a check on the women fashion requirements. Our range of Missy Hosiery has been diversified from general camisoles and chemises to the popular and elegant leggings that are developed from a special textured fabric.

Distribution Network

To reach our clients in a timely manner and maintaining our performance track record, we have developed a nationwide distribution network. We have created a wide network of representatives and distributors in 26 states of India. They assist us in reaching the far flung areas of the country and in meeting the customer's demands. We have a strong foothold in the markets of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Haryana. Furthermore, we have a total of 17 branches in the regions of Tirupur, Delhi, Jaipur and various other states such as:

  • Patna
  • Ranchi
  • Indore
  • Guwahati
  • Cuttack
  • Vadodara
  • Nagpur
  • Bengaluru
  • Hyderabad
  • Agra
  • Ludhiana
  • Rohtak
  • Raipur
  • Rudrapur (Uttaranchal).